Craig Tanner, Mr.
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Craig Tanner – Bio


Craig Tanner is a Sports Podiatrist who qualified from La Trobe University, in Melbourne, Australia in 1994. He gained experience working in the multidisciplinary environment of several large Sport Medicine centres where he also provided support to a number of professional sports teams. He was Head Podiatrist at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games before moving to Qatar to implement the Podiatry service at Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital. He has been there ever since, and in 12 years has seen the unit grow from a single practitioner to a team of 5.

His specialty is foot injury assessment, foot orthotic design and manufacture, gait analysis and clinical biomechanical assessments. He has a special interest in athletics and distance running and has worked closely with the highest level athletes from a wide variety of sports including athletics, tennis, squash, football, basketball and cricket both in Australia and Qatar.